The best snack to get at every Walt Disney World resort

6. Eat breakfast before you arrive: You   ll need fuel to prepare for a full day at one of the most
6. Eat breakfast before you arrive: You ll need fuel to prepare for a full day at one of the most / Robert Hanashiro, USAT

The best part of staying in a Disney World resort are the amazing dining options around. Whether you want a full sit-down meal or just a quick bite on your way to the parks, every resort has something for everyone. The more expansive deluxe resorts have restaurants catering to every whim and yet some smaller snacks can be good, too.

It can be tricky as some guests will want a treat like ice cream or a cupcake while others may want something more substantial. There’s also how some folks have different tastes, so some snacks may not be for all. However, to narrow it down, these are the best snacks for every WDW resort and show the amazing plethora of dining choices that made WDW so fantastic. 

All-Star Movies: Box Office Cupcake

Located at the food court, the Box Office Cupcake is good when the Director’s Cup treat isn’t available. The yellow cupcake is filled with caramel, topped with marshmallow buttercream and a peanut-pretzel-popcorn brittle to look like something out of an old-style movie theater. It’s a fun treat to fill you up and perfectly fitting for the movie theme of the resort. 

All-Star Music: Rockin Stitch Cupcake

While the Unicorn cupcake for this resort was good, the Rockin’ Stitch is even better. It’s a yellow cake cupcake filled with raspberry chocolate ganache, topped with blue raspberry flavored buttercream frosting, blue crispy pearls, and a white chocolate surfing Stitch to top it off. It’s a fun, tasty treat to match the wild alien, and while it’s offbeat for a music-themed resort, it’s still a great snack.

All-Star Sports: Gobble Wobble Bundt Cake

You’d have to wait until fall for this, but where else can you find a turkey-themed cupcake? This is a cinnamon apple bundt cake with caramel buttercream on top and a unique buttercream turkey decoration. It’s an offbeat choice, yet it’s also very tasty with cinnamon sharp for the fall, and even if it’s warm outside, it feels like a great autumn snack. 

Animal Kingdom Lodge: Nyala Brownie

There are so many great snacks at the Animal Kingdom Lodge that it’s hard to narrow down. The Zebra Dome treats are tempting, and scores of others. But the Nyala Brownie is something else, as you can only find it at Mara. The Mickey-shaped brownie is one of the best in all of WDW, peanut buttercream, with a vanilla buttercream stripe. It’s hefty enough to fill you up for the day and one of the most exclusive treats of any WDW resort. 

Art of Animation: Mermaid Tale

For a resort themed after Disney animated classics, it’s perfect to find one for the movie that kicked off the Disney animation renaissance. It’s a vanilla cupcake filled with pineapple and topped with coconut-flavored buttercream, a mermaid tail made of white chocolate, graham cracker crumbs, crispy pearls, and glitter. It’s just the right snack to enjoy for fans of The Little Mermaid, and you don’t have to go under the sea for this treat. 

Beach Club: No Way Jose

The massive Kitchen Sink ice cream float may be too much for some, so the No Way Jose is a better bet. Located at the Beaches & Cream shop, this oversized sundae comes with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, topped with hot fudge and peanut butter sauces, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. While the Kitchen Sink has way too many flavors together, this is much better, a classic sundae and just the thing to enjoy by the beach. 

Boardwalk: Abra Fries

With the plethora of restaurants on the Boardwalk, there are scores of snack options, from nice sandwiches to tasty ice cream treats. The Abra fries from the AbracadaBar are very nice, either plain or loaded with Parmesan cheese, gremolata, and truffle cheese sauce with ketchup and mustard also options. It’s good to eat while walking around the area and enjoying the nice sights. 

Caribbean Beach: Key Lime Tart

A classic of the Caribbean Beach for years, the key lime tart is a great grab at the main food court. The key lime filling with graham cracker crust topped with meringue and tropical sauce with a white chocolate garnish is terrific and for a low price too. It’s just like being in the actual islands and always a must-grab for guests. 

Contemporary: The Contempo menu

Okay, this may be a cheat, but really, almost anything on the menu for this bakery found on the Concourse counts, so it’s impossible to narrow down. The Minnie cinnamon roll is designed just like her down to an edible bow; the Kitchen Sink cookie is amazing with caramel and Mickey-shaped chocolate chips; the chocolate chunk and seasonal sugar cookies are both great; the 5-legged Goat Tart is a fun raspberry lemon with lovely frosting; and the Monorail S’mores Brownie has a nice design complete with edible monorail car. Thus, anything at this place is good for snacking at the Contemporary. 

Coronado Springs: Watchos

With about ten places to eat at the Coronado Springs, the snack options are plentiful. Narrowing it down is tough, but the Watchos are something else. Located at the Rix Sports Bar and Grill, these are waffle fry nachos, made of crispy waffle fries loaded with a house blend of queso blanco, bacon, and scallions. The balance of each ingredient is perfect and makes this a terrific meal for a spot already filled with great meals. 

Dolphin: PB&J Shake/Blastin’ Brownie Sundae

The Dolphin’s Fountain has always been one of the best ice cream spots in WDW. The Blastin’ Brownie sundae has a freshly baked brownie covered in hot fudge with your choice of ice cream, also with fudge and whipped cream. The PB&J Shake is more fun, peanut butter and strawberry ice creams with whipped cream and Reese’s Pieces on top. They highlight a fun ice cream menu that should be tops for any lovers of the desert. 

Fort Wilderness: Corn Dog Nuggets

There are only three places in Disney World to get these fun treats. First is Casey’s Corner in the Magic Kingdom. The second is the “rock stand” in Hollywood Studios. And the third is Fort Wilderness, complete with fries. It’s amazing how well this mix of corn dogs and chicken nuggets work, and being able to enjoy them at Fort Wilderness makes it a better place. 

Grand Floridian: Truffle Fries

The Grand Floridian is notable for some terrific seasonal snacks that can only be for a limited time. But one treat you can grab at any time of the year is the wonderful truffle fries. They’re perfectly cooked with just the right amount of seasoning and sauce and a lower price to be a wonderful snack for guests at this lavish resort. 

Old Key West: Shrimp Fritters

To capture the vibe of the Florida resort town, these treats are available at both Gurgling Suitcase and the upscale Olivia’s restaurant. While they were a bit rough at the start, it seems Disney is improving it, even if many preferred the old conch treats. However, it’s still fun to enjoy with some lime tart and the right snack to enjoy for a place modeled after Key West. 

Polynesian Beach: Ohana Bread Pudding

Another spot packed with so many snacks, it can fill its own list, the Polynesian Beach is terrific, capturing the vibe of the islands. If you have to pick just one, go with the long-loved Ohana bread pudding. The soft, fluffy pineapple bread doused in custard, covered in Bananas Foster Sauce, and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream may be an odd treat for the islands. Yet one bite and it tastes heavenly to make it the best among the best of any Disney resort. 

Pop Century: Tie Dye Cheesesteak

As a value resort, the choices at Pop Century are a bit limited. So it says something that it has one of the more spectacular snacks in this cheesesteak dyed in various colors. It’s offbeat, fun and yet also very tasty. It can only be found here so Pop Century guests can take in a tie-dyed treat, unlike others in WDW. 

Port Orleans French Quarter: Mickey Beignets

The French Quarter is obviously modeled after New Orleans itself and does a good job of capturing the eclectic cuisine of the place. The beignets would be good enough on their own, but shaping them like Mickey Mouse with just the right amount of sugar and powdering is a wonderful touch. Among the various Mickey-themed treats in WDW, these are among the most fun. 

Port Orleans Riverside: Boudin Balls

Available at Cartwright’s Boating Hall, these are so good, that you’d swear you’re in New Orleans. They’re a fun mix of andouille sausage, smoked sausage, and dirty rice that’s then breaded and fried. They come with some terrific sauces along with a remoulade, creole mustard, and pickled vegetables. The spice options are good for a treat perfect for the New Orleans area. 

Riviera: Brie in Puff Pastry

Themed after some fancy Italian spots, most of the dining in the Riviera is a bit more upscale. However, the Bar Riva has some nice cheaper fare and the Brie in Puff Pastry is tops there. For cheese lovers, it’s heaven-sent warm and thick wrapped in dough and quite tasty to chomp on. There are a few brie treats in WDW, yet this is one of the best options. 

Saratoga Springs: Caramel Blondie

Saratoga Springs goes more for healthier options than pure junk food, although there are a few ice cream choices. The Caramel blondie is a small but still tasty morsel, topped with caramel fondant drizzle frosting and powdered sugar. It’s quick to make and lovely to eat as you hike around this nice resort. 

Swan: Gyoza

The Swan can be a tricky spot as many of their restaurants are more regular sit down and the snack fare isn’t much different than in other resorts. However, Kimono’s Lounge has a great treat in the Gyoza. The Japanese pan-fried dumplings with ponzu sauce are relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of the menu and very tasty too. It’s good to find a lighter snack in his place.

Wilderness Lodge: Territory Popcorn Sampler

Everyone enjoys popcorn, but only at the Territory Lounge can you indulge in five small bowls for just twelve dollars. They come in spicy, caramel, sea salt, truffle, and barbecue-flavored, so it’s something for everyone. It’s not just a great personal snack but shared with others and even able to be kept for later in the room or the parks to be just the walk-around snack needed. 

Yacht Club: Parker House Rolls

Sadly, the once fantastic prime rib sliders have yet to return to the Yacht Club Crew’s Cup Lounge. In which case, the best snack to get would be the Parker House Rolls at the Ale & Compass. It’s a nice long line of bread rolls with bacon jam, pub cheese and citrus bread to be quite tasty. While those sliders were good, this is a nice snack in its own right.