Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands preview: Two new cards revealed

Ravensburger has shared two new cards coming in Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands, the upcoming third set for the collectible trading card game.
Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands logo. Image credit: Zebra Partners
Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands logo. Image credit: Zebra Partners /

Earlier this month, Ravensburger revealed Disney Lorcana's third set, titled Into the Inklands. The latest set for the popular collectible trading card game features a heavy dose of late-90s nostalgia, introducing cards based on Disney properties like DuckTales, TaleSpin and Treasure Planet.

Although many of us are still looking to complete our Rise of the Floodborn collection, it seems that Ravensburger has finally addressed the supply issues that have plagued the game since its launch. It's still not perfect, but we can at least get excited for the next set without worrying about scalpers hoarding all the cards.

Into the Inklands isn't set to arrive until late February 2024, but Ravensburger has offered a sneak peek at some of the cards coming in the set. On social media, the game maker posted two different cards coming in the new set. Here's a quick sneak peek!

The first card teased is a Ruby song card, "I've got a Dream." The two-cost, uncommon card is a great example of how you'll use locations in the new set.

""Ready chosen character of yours at a location. They can't quest for the rest of this turn. Gain lore equal to that location's.""

I know this is just a teaser, but this already looks like it could be a pretty powerful card, especially since its a song. Readying a character while gaining additional lore seems like it could be a solid play in Amethyst/Ruby decks.

The second card teased from Into the Inklands is "Mama Odie - Voice of Wisdom," a Dramborn Ally Sorcerer.

""Listen to your mama now: Whenever this character quests, you may move up to 2 damage counters from chosen character to chosen opposing character.""

This is a high cost card, but it also seems like a pretty strong one, especially if paired with Grand Pabbie - Oldest and Wisest.

Unfortunately, we haven't gotten any sneak peek at any new location cards besides the Forbidden Mountain - Maleficent's Castle which was revealed alongside the announcement. We also haven't seen any of the cards based on DuckTales, TaleSpin or Treasure Planet.

The highly anticipated third set for Disney Loracna is set to hit local game stores first on February 23, 2024. Its mass market retailer release will follow on March 8, 2024.