Into the Inklands brings DuckTales, TaleSpin and Teasure Planet to Disney Lorcana

Ravensburger has revealed Disney Lorcana's third set, titled Into the Inklands, which features a heavy dose of late-90's nostalgia.
Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands logo. Image credit: Zebra Partners
Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands logo. Image credit: Zebra Partners /

Disney Lorcana's second set hasn't even been out for a full month yet and Ravensburger is already gearing up for the third set. Titled Into the Inklands, Set 3 will introduce more than 200 new cards into the game, with many inspired by some of Disney's most beloved cartoons from the '90s.

Set 3 will feature cards inspired by DuckTales, TaleSpin and Treasure Planet (Kit Cloudkicker) along with a mix of new and returning characters. Some of the confirmed characters include Disney's Pluto, 101 Dalmatian's Perdita, Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales), Kit Cloudkicker (TaleSpin) and Jim Hawkins and the RLS Legacy crew (Treasure Planet). Fan favorites like Moana, Peter Pan, Stitch and Piglet are also returning in some form.

Into the Inklands won't just feature new characters, but will also introduce an entirely new card type: Locations. This new mechanic will allow for players to have their character glimmers visit locations from popular Disney stories, such as Motonui from Disney's Moana or the Jolly Roger from Disney's Peter Pan. Maleficent's Castle was another confirmed location.

Locations can provide bonuses for characters who visit them or simply provide benefits from being in play, opening up all-new strategies for the trading card game. While many of the locations mechanics remain a mystery, one example revealed that Peter Pan (Lost Boy Leader) gains additional lore when moving to various locations.

Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands
Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands cards. Image credit: Zebra Partners /

Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands is set to arrive in early 2024, arriving at local game stores first on February 23, 2024. The wider mass market retailer release will follow a few weeks later on March 8, 2024. Its interesting -- perhaps even a bit disappointing -- that Ravensburger continues to emphasize supporting local game stores over the more convenient mass retailers (Target, Amazon, Walmart), especially since we've seen local game stores taking advantage of limited supply by selling cards for double, sometimes triple, the MSRP.

If Ravensburger is going to continue to emphasize local game stores, they need to ensure that these smaller retailers won't rip off fans by charging obscene prices. I've seen prices for the D100 Collector's Edition TCG Gift Set sell for $150 at some local game stores, which is triple the MSRP. That's scalper prices and not what I'd expect from an official Disney Lorcana retail partner.

Thankfully, it seems that Ravensburger is now more prepared for the demand of Disney Lorcana and will hopefully print an adequate supply. Although The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn remain hard to find, future sets should be easier to get at MSRP.

Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands
Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands products. Image credit: Zebra Partners /

For Into the Inklands, we're getting two new starter decks featuring combinations of Amber/Emerald (Pongo/Peter Pan) or Sapphire/Ruby (Scrooge/Moana) for $16.99 each. Also coming are booster packs ($5.99), a new Illumineer's Trove ($49.99), a new Gift Set ($29.99), and play accessories including Card Sleeves ($9.99), Deck Boxes ($5.99), Card Portfolios ($19.99) and Playmats ($19.99). The Playmats look to feature Moana and Stich, while the deck boxes highlight Scrooge and (I think) Peter Pan.