Disney Lorcana TCG: All 6 Card Rarities explained

Disney Lorcana's The First Chapter features a total of 204 cards that are divided into six different rarities. Here's what all six card rarities mean in the game.
Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo credit: Matthew Liebl
Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo credit: Matthew Liebl /

Disney Lorcana is a relatively new trading card game from Ravensburger featuring our favorite Disney characters on the cards. As I previously explained, characters — referred to as glimmer within the game world — come in three main forms: Storyborn, Dreamborn and Floodborn. These dictate the character's backstory, appearance and powers.

But there's another classification for Disney Lorcana cards, one that also helps determine a card's power and, in some cases, its rarity and monetary value. If Disney Lorcana is your first trading card game, the first thing you'll want to learn about is card rarity.

Disney Lorcana's The First Chapter features a total of 204 cards (408 if you the Foil version for each) that are divided into six different rarities. This may sound like a lot, but thankfully the game makes it super easy to identify them.

When holding the card, look towards the bottom center under the text box and you'll see a symbol. This will help you identify the card's rarity.

Disney Lorcana card rarities explained

Common (gray circle)

The first card rarity in Disney Lorcana is "Common," and is denoted by a gray circle at the bottom of a card. Common cards are, well, the most common type of card you'll find in Lorcana. There are 70 unique Common cards in The First Chapter.

Common cards tend to be lower in power with simple mechanics to help you understand and form the base of your deck.

From a monetary standpoint, common cards are typically not worth much.

Uncommon (white book)

The next step up from Common cards is Uncommon Cards, which are represented by a white book. There are 53 Uncommon cards in The First Chapter.

These cards are designed to start introducing strategy into the game. They typically have a keyword and special effect. Uncommon cards tend to help you shape your deck's playstyle.

Rare (bronze triangle)

Rare cards — represented by a bronze triangle — are significantly more powerful than Common and Uncommon cards. These cards tend to feature popular Disney heroes and villains, or their signature songs that they sing in their movie.

Some examples of Rare cards include Moana (Storyborn Hero), "Be Prepared" (Action - Song), Maleficent (Dreamborn - Villain) and "Part of Your World" (Action-Song).

There are 53 Rare cards in The First Chapter. Rare cards also help define your deck's playstyle.

Super Rare (silver diamond)

There are only 18 Super Rare cards in The First Chapter. As such, these are even more powerful than Rares and build upon the strategies introduced with Uncommons and Rares. In some cases, these cards can be win conditions if played effectively.

Legendary (gold pentagon)

Legendary Cards are the rarest in the game and also the most powerful. There are only 12 Legendary cards in The First Chapter, two for each ink color.

It's estimated that you'll find only four or five Legendary cards per booster box, or one in every five or six packs. This scarcity also means that Legendary cards possess great value for both players and collectors alike.

If you play Lorcana competitively, Legendary cards represent some of the most powerful cards in the game: Rapunzels: - Gifted with Healing and Elsa - Spirit of Winter.

Enchanted (rainbow hexagon)

The sixth card rarity in Disney Lorcana is Enchanted, denoted by a rainbow hexagon. There's something else that sets these cards apart from the others in the game — they have no borders and come in an "Inkwash Foil," a colorful textured rainbow foil.

There are only 12 unique Enchanted cards in The First Chapter, but the thing about these is that they are simply reprints of already existing cards. The major difference is the unique art style and Inkwash Foil. Other than that, they have all the same rules and stats as their original cards.

Enchanted cards are extremely rare with the lowest pull rates(roughly one Enchanted per 96 packs). Because of this, they are extremely valuable, with the cheapest currently going for over $100 across online marketplaces. They may not alter the actual gameplay, but they sure do look nice.

Enchanted cards also have secret numbers that expand beyond the 204 in The First Chapter. Enchanted Cards go from 205 to 216.