The one add-on that every guest should pay for when going to Walt Disney World

Disney Photopass Photographer capturing a magical moment at EPCOT
Disney Photopass Photographer capturing a magical moment at EPCOT / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

The Disney Memory Maker is a fantastic add-on for your next Walt Disney World vacation. This unique service allows you to capture and preserve all the magical moments of your trip through professional photographs taken by Disney's skilled photographers.

5 picture-perfect reasons to purchase the Disney Memory Maker

Capture Priceless Memories

One of the most significant benefits of the Disney Memory Maker is the opportunity to capture precious moments with your loved ones. Disney's professional photographers are strategically placed throughout the parks and resorts, ready to snap high-quality pictures of your family enjoying the magic.

You can find locations on your My Disney Experience app, my family and I find new spots every trip we make. From iconic landmarks to candid ride-photos (where available) to character meet-and-greets, every moment can be captured, ensuring you have a treasure trove of memories to cherish for years to come.

Unlimited Digital Downloads

With the Disney Memory Maker, you don't have to worry about selecting and purchasing individual photos. The package grants you unlimited digital downloads of all the photos taken by Disney photographers during your vacation. This means you can download, save, and share as many pictures as you like, making it an incredibly cost-effective option, especially for larger families or groups traveling together.

Professional-Quality Photos

Disney's photographers are experts in capturing the essence of the Disney experience. They know the best angles, lighting, and locations to make your photos truly magical. By opting for the Disney Memory Maker, you gain access to these skilled professionals who will document your trip with top-notch photographs. These high-resolution images are perfect for printing, creating photo books, or even framing as a beautiful reminder of your vacation. Once you activate your Memory Maker you have 45 days to download your images so make sure you get them all before your time is up.

Convenient and Time-Saving

One of the biggest advantages of the Disney Memory Maker is the convenience it offers. Instead of asking fellow guests in the park to take your picture or trying to snap that awkward selfie at a super challenging angle, you can relax and enjoy the parks while knowing that your memories are being captured by professionals. The photographers will scan your MagicBands or park tickets to link the photos to your account, eliminating the need for you to keep track of multiple devices or memory cards. This frees you up to fully immerse yourself in the Disney experience.

Disney Magic Shots and Enhancements

The Disney Memory Maker also includes a selection of unique enhancements and magical shots. These special features add an extra touch of Disney magic to your photos. From animated characters and iconic Disney scenes added to your pictures to virtual surprises that appear when viewing your photos, these enhancements make your memories even more enchanting and fun.

These additional touches are exclusive to the Disney Memory Maker and add an extra layer of excitement to your vacation album. This is always something my family loves doing. Make sure to ask your photographer about capturing a “Magic Shot”.


The Disney Memory Maker is an excellent investment for your next Walt Disney World vacation. It allows you to capture priceless memories, provides professional-quality photos, and offers unlimited digital downloads. The convenience, time-saving aspect, and unique magical enhancements make it an ideal choice for families and individuals looking to document their Disney experience in the most captivating way possible. By purchasing the Disney Memory Maker, you can ensure that your vacation memories will be cherished for a lifetime.