Disney's powerful heroines team-up in new table top board game from Ravensburger

Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls (Disney Edition). Image courtesy of publisher Ravensburger.
Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls (Disney Edition). Image courtesy of publisher Ravensburger. /

German game company and toy maker Ravensburger is once again teaming up with Disney for a brand-new game. Perhaps best known these days for the popular trading card game, Disney Lorcana, Ravensburger is set to release a new tabletop game titled Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls.

The new game will feature an an all-star cast of playable Disney heroines from both Disney and Pixar movies, including Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Violet from the Incredibles, Moana from Moana and Maid Marian from Robin Hood. In this cooperative, immersive role-playing experience, players will team up to drive back the shadows of infamous Disney villains and restore the Realm of Light.

We don't have specific details or gameplay mechanics, but Ravensburger teased that Chronicles of Light's missions and modular board will "generate new adventures every time it's played." This should hopefully keep the game feeling new and fresh for at least a couple of playthroughs.

Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls is designed for ages eight and up, serving as a nice introduction to TTRPGs for younger kids. Combined with the Disney heroine aesthetic, this could be a great way to introduce players to an RPG-centric style of play.

This certainly isn't Ravensburger's first foray into a Disney-inspired board game. The game maker is also behind the incredibly popular Disney Villainous board game where players choose from iconic Disney Villains, each with their own sinister objectives and goals.

In announcing Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls, Lysa Penrose, head of new games marketing at Ravensburger North America, noted that "bringing Disney heroes and villains into one shared universe reignites powerful nostalgia and provides a platform to bring friends and families together in an immersive and highly creative experience."

As someone who was never into collectible trading card games and now obsessed with Disney Lorcana, I can confirm Penrose is correct in the power of united Disney's heroes and villains into a single universe. My kids are still a bit too young for the targeted age of Chronicles of Light, but it's definitely one I'm excited for.

Pre-orders for Chronicles of Light: Darkness Falls wlil go live on the Target website on July 7 for $29.99. It will release at Target and hobby stores on July 21.