Disneyland's Haunted Mansion is getting a major expansion: Here's what's coming

Disneyland Resort is expanding the queue of the Haunted Mansion with themed gardens that tie into the ride's story. A new Haunted Mansion retail store is also opening.

Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland - September 30, 2005
Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland - September 30, 2005 / Barry King/GettyImages

The Haunted Mansion area of Disneyland Resort is set to expand, Disney announced on Thursday. In a post on the Disney Parks Blog, Public Relations Director Kelsey Lynch outlined what's to come with the eagerly awaited expansion.

Unfortunately, it's nothing terribly exciting. The outdoor queue area is getting expanded with new theming that'll provide some more lore and context to the Haunted Mansion. For Disney enthusiasts who love the backstory of the ride, you can look forward to these new grounds expanding on the stories of the prosperous sea caption who first built the Haunted Mansion., as well as gardens inspired by Master Gracey, Madame Leota and the one-eyed cat.

As detailed by Disney:

"Each of the gardens will feature unique elements ranging from a water fountain and gazebo to themed statuary and landscaping. In fact, guests will be able to see a new greenhouse where the groundskeepers for the Haunted Mansion grow their plants. The pet cemetery and horse-drawn funeral hearse will continue to reside on the attraction’s grounds."

For the casual park goer, this announcement probably doesn't sound too annoying. But for the Disney enthusiasts constantly complaining that Disney doesn't care about attraction theming anymore, well, here you go. Not only is the Haunted Mansion getting a much-needed queue expansion, but we're also getting all-new background lore.

Speaking of Madame Leota, the history shop will be themed like an old carriage house of the mansion, belonging to Leota. That's all Disney shared, but promised more details in the future.

The new retail store finally gives Disneyland park guests a place dedicated to Haunted Mansion merchandise. In Disney World, we've got Memento Mori, which is also the former abode of Madame Leota, where you can purchase all sorts of Haunted Mansion items and mementos.

Construction on this new Haunted Mansion area expansion will begin in 2024.