Don't just walk past these dozen overlooked Disney World attractions

So many Disney World guests walk by some attractions, unaware of how much fun they can truly be! Here's a dozen to not miss out on!
The Aztec themed pyramid in Mexico is the first country you come to when entering the World Showcase at Epcot.
The Aztec themed pyramid in Mexico is the first country you come to when entering the World Showcase at Epcot. /
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Swiss Family Treehouse

Walt Disney
Walt Disney At Swiss Family Treehouse / tom nebbia/GettyImages

Dominating over Adventureland, few guests feel like climbing this attraction, which, unlike its Disneyland counterpart, has always been themed for the Swiss Family Robinson movie. It's intended to be the sort of home a shipwrecked family would create, and the authentic touches of a water wheel and the decorations are fun to see. 

There's some fun for kids as well as the views of Adventureland and the Jungle Cruise. Even if you've never watched The Swiss Family Robinson, you can still get a kick out of the treehouse any kid would have loved to have in their backyard. 

Beauty and the Beast Musical

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - The classic fairy tale turned motion picture, "Beauty and the Beast" has the magical combination of humor, music, and romance that creates a timeless story that can be appreciated by generation after generation. A beautiful and spirited teenage girl named Belle discovers that you can't judge a book by its cover when she meets an enchanted prince desperately trapped in the body of a beast, in Walt Disney Pictures' magical animated musical, "Beauty and the Beast" airing /

Long before Disney was putting shows on Broadway, they produced this stage musical based on the 1991 animated classic. That it's still at the Studios over thirty years later shows how wonderful it is. It's now set in its own huge theater on Hollywood Boulevard, with guests sometimes skipping it for the bigger rides. 

While only 25 minutes, it tells the story of the film perfectly well with big numbers like "Be Our Guest" and spectacular costumes. So many stage shows have come and gone, but this "tale as old as time" is still as magical as ever and deserves more guests. 

Magic Carpet Rides of Aladdin

Everyone wants to go on Dumbo and even with an expansion, the wait times for it can be quite long. So why not check out this Adventureland counterpart instead? Sure, it's not as fast or as high, but still a fun one for the kids. 

There's also the fun touch of the camel in the center that occasionally "spits" out at the carpets. There's some nice views of Adventureland and makes this a nice substitute for the much busier "flying" rides in the park.