Greed or demand? Disney's Halloween plans for 2024 could be a mixture of both

Disney is going to extremes with their new Halloween schedule for 2024.
Disney World's Magic Kingdom - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Photo courtesy Ashley Schwarz
Disney World's Magic Kingdom - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Photo courtesy Ashley Schwarz /

Disney World and Disneyland are going to be diving into uncharted territory in 2024, and many guests may not like the new change.

August is not only the hottest month in Orlando, but it is also a time that guests try to hit Disney World before kids go back to school. Now, there is something new coming to the Magic Kingdom that really isn't new at all.

As our own Michael Weyer pointed out earlier, Disney is starting Halloween a lot earlier in 2024. Is it greed, or is it demand from Disney guests? It is probably a combination of both. Last year, Halloween decor hit Magic Kingdom in late August. It was an odd addition when you were dripping in sweat from 100-plus degrees. This year, it will start on August 9th, and decorations will go up as early as the week before.

You heard that right—Halloween decor in early August. The early Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party comes with that early decor. It is a special separate ticketed event that will close Magic Kingdom early. There are only seven days for the event in August, with the bulk of dates coming in September and, of course, October.

Christmas decorations were extended in 2024 as well. They didn't come down until almost two weeks after the new year. The festivals and parties that went with Christmas ended as normal, but it was still both odd and fun to see the Christmas decor at all four Disney parks well beyond the holiday's end.

Why is Disney extending this event? It could be demand. Many of the dates last year sold out quickly, and why shouldn't they? Guests will pay a premium price for a shorter day at Magic Kingdom. The park will close early for other guests, and then those ticketed guests will be able to experience all of the attractions with exceptionally low wait times.

Regardless, the desire to extend Halloween to early August just feels wrong. If Disney is trying to attract more special events that require an extra ticket, there are other ways to do it. How about creating another party? A celebration of July 4th for the entire month of July with special evening events twice a week. I would love to see Magic Kingdom donning the Red, White, and Blue throughout the month.

Of course, it will be more interesting to watch the Halloween event availability this year. If August comes close to selling out, we will probably see the early start being a staple in the future. If it does not, it will probably go back to a September start. The late August start last year was enough to give Disney and incentive to start it early in 2024.