The Hatbox Ghost's location in Disney World's Haunted Mansion has been revealed, and it doesn't make any sense

Disney World The Haunted Mansion. Photo taken by Matthew Liebl
Disney World The Haunted Mansion. Photo taken by Matthew Liebl /

With the Haunted Mansion live-action movie hitting theaters this weekend, Disney revealed some of the they are celebrating the film throughout their parks. From special treats to clothing and merchandise, it's a ghoulish delight.

But there was one detail revealed over on the Disney Parks Blog that has die-hard Haunted Mansion fans a bit upset. Disney provided an update on the status of The Hatbox Ghost, who will be coming to Walt Disney World's version of the Haunted Mansion later this year.

"The Hatbox Ghost will appear to guests as they pass the Endless Hallway, welcoming himself inside from the swinging wake in the cemetery and grinning at the Doom Buggies as they set off deeper into the mansion."

While many are excited about The Hatbox Ghost's arrival in Walt Disney World, his location on the attraction also has many upset. For those who haven't ridden the ride, the Endless Hallway appears before the Madame Leota séance scene.

Why is this an issue? Because it's during this scene that Madame Leota recites an incantation that allows us to actually see the ghosts. Following her incantation, the Ghost Host confirms that the "happy haunts have received your sympathetic vibrations and are beginning to materialize."

With The Hatbox Ghost appearing before the Madame Leota scene, how is it that we see him? Story wise, it doesn't make sense.

Look, I get it, casual riders probably won't mind. I'd wager that most first-time riders don't fully even take in the story of the Haunted Mansion. Kids probably don't even understand what's going on either. They just enjoy the happy haunts and seeing the ghosts appear. They probably won't care if it makes sense storywise that The Hatbox Ghost appears in the Endless Hallway before Madame Leota.

Disney did not confirm when specifically The Hatbox Ghost will be added to the Haunted Mansion ride, but did state that temporary barriers should "soon" start to materialize as they begin work. It's unclear how long the Haunted Mansion will be closed for while they add this new character.

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The Haunted Mansion movie is now playing in theaters.