The best of Disney's The Haunted Mansion Collection merch

Haunted Mansion - Courtesy Walt Disney
Haunted Mansion - Courtesy Walt Disney /
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With spooky season right around the corner and Disney's Haunted Mansion movie due in theaters this month, Disney has unveiled a brand new spooktacular collection of creepy merchandise inspired by the attraction. ShopDisney has introduced a ton of new Haunted Mansion-inspired clothing and merchandise. From dresses and blazers to LEGOs and bags, you can express your scary side in style. Here are some of the highlights.

The Haunted Mansion ''Eyes'' Ear Headband ($34.99)

I'm absolutely obsessed with this Haunted Mansion "Eyes" Ear Headband. The design features plenty of references to the beloved Disney attraction. The screen art on the front features the iconic spooky estate from Disneyland plus an assortment of characters, including Madame Leota, as well as the signature catchphrase "Welcome, Foolish Mortals." What's really cool about this headband is that whether you're seeing it from the front or the back, the eyes are always watching.

The ears are priced at a relatively affordable $34.99. You can buy them here.