Here's when Elemental arrives on Disney+

Elemental has been a surprise, going from a supposed box office flop to a sleeper success! Find out when the Pixar film arrives on Disney+!
World Premiere For Disney And Pixar's Feature Film "Elemental"
World Premiere For Disney And Pixar's Feature Film "Elemental" / Alberto E. Rodriguez/GettyImages

Get ready for a surprise addition to the September Disney+ calendar. Disney has announced that Pixar’s Elemental will be arriving far sooner than expected. Find out when!

Elemental has been one of 2023’s more interesting movie stories. The Pixar film takes place in a world where anamorphic beings of the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water) live in one city. They tend to stick to their own kind and not mingle much. 

That changes when fire being Ember (Leah Lewis) meets laid-back water elemental Wade (Mamoudou Athie). The two soon forge a friendship and romance threatened by the prejudices of their respective families. 

While it got good reviews, the film didn’t seem up to Pixar’s usual standards. When it was released on June 16, it grossed only $29.6 million, the worst opening in Pixar history. Given its reported $200 million budget, it looked like the film was going to be a huge flop.

But, to the surprise of the industry, strong word-of-mouth gave Elemental box office legs, letting it stay in the top 10 for weeks while much bigger films like Fast X or Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol faded fast. The film has now grossed $153.6 million domestically and a global haul approaching $500 million. While that won’t make it a big success because of the high budget, it should at least break even and even a small profit. 

So, after letting Elemental become a sleeper success, Disney is ready for its big streaming debut, which comes after their announced September lineup. Elemental will premiere Wednesday, September 13 on Disney+.

Not only will there be the movie itself but “Good Chemistry: The Story of Elemental,” a special on the making of the movie. There’s also “Carl’s Date,” the short that played before Elemental in theaters, featuring characters from the classic Pixar film Up

With a streaming release set, Elemental looks to expand its audience to show how it deserved to escape its fate as a box office flop into one of Pixar’s better recent films.

Elemental premieres on Disney+ September 13.