Heroes and villains set sail in the new Disney Destiny Cruise Ship!

Disney has announced the new Destiny Disney Cruise Line ship with a fantastic theme of heroes and villains! See more here!

The Disney Wish sailed out of Port Canaveral late Monday afternoon. Three other cruise ships sailed
The Disney Wish sailed out of Port Canaveral late Monday afternoon. Three other cruise ships sailed / MALCOLM DENEMARK/FLORIDA TODAY / USA

There’s a new Disney cruise ship coming and the company has announced the details! Here’s what to expect when Destiny takes to the seas!

For decades, the Disney Cruise Line has been one of the top traveling experiences around. It’s just amazing for guests to board a vessel with Mickey, Minnie, and the rest of the characters around and enjoy some lovely locations, including the fantastic Lookout Cay private island area. 

The ships have grown over the years, becoming more lavish and high-tech. The recently launched Treasure ship includes an amazing Marvel-themed cafe with an interactive show and other great elements alongside mainstays like the water coasters, kid play centers and more. 

Now, Disney has announced the Destiny will be joining the ship lineup in 2025. It came with a special animated trailer showing Minnie trying to find a commemorative coin and running into heroes like Hercules with villains like Hades, Cruella de Ville and Scar.

This shows the key theme of the ship, all about Disney heroes and villains. The coin logo of Mickey boldly standing forward facing the waves will be on the ship’s bow and it looks like various areas will be themed for the conflict of good vs evil.

"The Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney Imagineering teams were inspired by the dynamic duality of every great Disney story when developing this new ship, where opposing forces of light and dark drive characters to rise to their purpose. Onboard, guests will encounter heroes and villains alike – including those from beloved Walt Disney Animation stories like “The Lion King,” “Hercules” and “One Hundred and One Dalmatians” – within spaces, experiences and entertainment throughout their voyage."

Sharon Siskie, Disney Cruise Line Senior Vice President and General Manager added her own words on the new ship. 

"The Disney Destiny will celebrate our most legendary Disney stories and characters, bringing them to life in new and exciting ways exclusively for Disney Cruise Line guests. As we continue to expand our fleet, the Disney Destiny will further strengthen our position as a leader in family cruising as we offer even more ways for families to experience Disney magic and world-class service at sea."

The ship is currently under construction in Germany and will be part of a wider expansion of the Disney Cruise Line in 2025 which includes a new Bahamas spot as well as expanding trips to Singapore. 

It’ll be a while before guests can book a trip on this new ride and likely Disney unveils more details on what experiences will be on board. But this first look indicates the Destiny will live up to its name as a Disney sea experience anyone will want to enjoy.