How to get the McDonalds Happy Meal Disney 100 collectibles

For the next month or so McDonalds will give you two character "toys" with the purchase of Happy Meal, we know that there are 62 characters to collect but how exactly do you go about getting them?

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McDonalds has partnered with Disney to bring kids and yes, adults, an opportunity to gather and collect 62 different Disney characters through the purchase of a Happy Meal.

The 62 characters have been laid out for over a week now and you can see the full list here.

The McDonalds/Disney 100 celebration officially kicked-off on October, 31 and will run until early December. The question is, how do you get them all?

Each Happy Meal will come with two "toys" that can then be used at You open the webpage and follow the prompts before placing your character on the pre-assigned location. I used my iPhone and it worked fine.

What exactly is the game that you play with the characters?

The game is a bit remedial because it is made for children. Older kids will find it quite boring while younger kids who this is actually designed will enjoy it for a few minutes.

The object it so push a "tap" button to make rockets explode into fireworks. My 4-year old loved it for about 3 minutes.

Sadly, the game board doesn't change with each character and you are limited to three different "worlds" but they don't offer much in the way of being different. In reality, the game pieces or "toys" are the treasure.

Each of the 62 characters will feature a plastic base and plastic character. Across the base is says "Disney 100".

How do you collect the Disney 100 Happy Meal characters?

Naturally, you have to buy Happy Meals. But if you have ever bought a Happy Meal before you know that getting the character/toy you want isn't easy.

I started my day today by buying two Happy Meals from the same McDonalds. Neither the manager nor the guest specialist could answer my simple question. "How often do you get new toys?" In fact, neither were 100% sure if they were giving out the Disney 100 characters yet.

After finding out they were indeed the current toys, I bought two. Our Happy Meal box was the generic ones you always get, very disappointed as they are supposed to come in a nice new Disney 100 box that has the characters on the side for you to check off.

At this McDonalds, we got the same characters in each Happy Meal. One Grogu and one Tiana. After driving around a bit more we decided to check another McDonalds and ordered another meal, this time we got two different characters. Mickey Mouse and Captain Marvel.

It appears that different McDonalds will have different characters and neither store manager could tell me if each restaurant will have all 62 or if it is 100% random.

Over the next week I will be testing this out and trying both McDonalds again as well as a 3rd that is up the road from where I live. I'll come back here and update this so please follow us at @AlongMainStreet on Twitter and Fans of Disney on Facebook for updates.