Pixar's Win or Lose pushed back to 2024

Win or Lose, Pixar's first long-form original series, was not included in December's releases for Disney+, suggesting it has been delayed to 2024.
WIN OR LOSE features the voice of Will Forte as Coach Dan. Pixar’s first-ever original long-form
WIN OR LOSE features the voice of Will Forte as Coach Dan. Pixar’s first-ever original long-form /

Disney+ has revealed the next batch of shows and movies coming to the streaming service for December 2023 and, surprisingly, Pixar's Win or Lose is not included. The studio's first long-form original series was previously expected to debut in 2023, but with it not mentioned in December's debuts, it has seemingly now been bumped to 2024.

TheWrap claims it had previously rumors of the delay, but it wasn't official until the DIsney+ press release. There's no new confirmed date for when we can expect Win or Lose to premiere, although the trade estimates it could release in spring 2024, taking the place of Elio, which was also pushed back an entire year to June 13, 2025.

Win or Lose follows the intertwined stories of eight different characters part of a co-ed middle school softball team as they prepare for their championship softball game. Each episode will provide the perspective of a different character in the lead-up to the game, from insecure kids to helicopter parents to a lovesick umpire.

Directed, written and executive produced by Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates, the series had a promising preview at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival earlier this summer.

Win or Lose was supposed to be the follow-up project to Pixar's Elemental, which hit theaters earlier this year. While Elemental had a whirlwind of a box office performance, eventually finishing with $495.7 million globally, many who had seen it had fallen in love with it. The film scored a 74% on Rotten Tomatoes but had a whopping 93% Audience Score.

Depending on when Win or Lose arrives, Pixar's next big release could be Inside Out 2. Disney recently released a teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel, which will introduce all new emotions in what looks to be another fantastic story. Inside Out 2 hits theaters on June 14, 2024.