Popular Disney animated film getting a live show on the Disney Treasure cruise ship

When the Disney Treasure sets sail next year, it will boast a big addition in the first live-action adaptation of the animated hit Moana!
MOANA - From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes “Moana,” an epic adventure about a spirited teen
MOANA - From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes “Moana,” an epic adventure about a spirited teen /

Moana is about to set sail in a whole new way. 

Disney has just announced that the 2016 animated hit will be the focus of a new show on the Disney Treasure when the brand-new cruise ship sets sail in 2024. This will mark the first Broadway-styled showing of the hit comedy. 

Moana tells the story of the title character who sets off from her island to capture an artifact that can hopefully save her home from an ocean goddess. She gains aid from the arrogant demigod Maui (voiced by Dwayne Johnson) on a wild adventure. 

Disney has done a good job over the years adapting several of their animated films to stage musicals for both Broadway and theme parks. They’ve also been adapting them for their cruise ships with abbreviated stage shows based on Aladdin, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. 

Per Disney, “The Tale of Moana” will shorten the film to a 45-minute show that captures the famous songs with unique effects. It will join the already announced Beauty and the Beast and Disney Seas the Adventure shows on the Disney Treasure. 

While there had been rumors of a show based on Encanto, it sounds like Disney had been planning Moana for a while. The property is still popular and a link to the new Epcot walk-through attraction is nice. 

It will be interesting seeing how the live adaptation reworks the storyline and pulls off some numbers like “Shiny” and the big finale. However, given the water-themed setting, this is really the perfect Disney film for a cruise ship and should make the DIsney Treasure an even bigger adventure when it sets off in 2024.