Star Tours: 10 planets that Disney should add to the classic Star Wars ride

"90210" Co-Stars Matt Lanter And Michael Steger At Disneyland
"90210" Co-Stars Matt Lanter And Michael Steger At Disneyland / Handout/GettyImages
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With Disney expanding the Star Wars universe via the various Disney shows, that allows for a lot of additional worlds to be shown. So perhaps it’s time Disney decided to integrate some of these worlds into Star Tours. Could this happen, and what planets can be used?

When Star Tours opened in 1987 in Disneyland, it was a groundbreaking ride, using motion simulator technology with fun film effects to give fans a true Star Wars experience. In 2011, Disney transformed it into Star Tours: The Adventure Continues with 3-D effects and a wide range of worlds.

The genius of the ride is that it randomly mixes up scenes from the various Star Wars films, thus guaranteeing it’s never the same ride twice. Since 2011, Disney has integrated worlds from Episodes VII-IX, and the ride remains amazingly popular. 

So with Disney expanding the Star Wars universe via the Disney+ series, there is an opportunity for Disney to beef up Star Tours with some planets used in those shows. Indeed, Disney appears to be planning to add some worlds to the ride in 2024 but has yet to confirm what they will be. Which worlds might make the best selection for a new Star Tours location?


The climax of Revenge of the Sith has Anakin and Obi-Wan engaging in their fateful duel that transforms Anakin into Darth Vader. It’s later revealed that Vader built an entire palace on that spot as if to own where he met his transformation. Flying over those lava fields and seeing that castle would be impressive, and if Vader himself pops up for an attack, that can add to the thrill. 


It’s a bit surprising Disney hasn’t already integrated the world used in the climax for Rogue One. The Star Tours Speeder can sweep around the Imperial fleet and shield to the planet itself with the beaches filled with Imperial troops and Walkers. It’d be a fun way to work another big battle scene into the ride and relive one of the best of the newer films.