Test Track reimagining may eliminate this one trick for a fast experience

There is one attraction at EPCOT that is going to undergo major change, Test Track, and the question is will everything change or just the ride?
A new theming of Test Track has been announced but not what it is! Photo credit: Brian Miller
A new theming of Test Track has been announced but not what it is! Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Sometimes when you are at theme park, especially a Disney World theme park, you don't want to let your kids run off and wait in line for more than an hour. Leaving them to fend for themselves for 90 minutes can be stressful. At Disney, it isn't so much the safety of your kids as much as it is the stupid things they may or may not do. We have all been there so we get it.

Very few rides at Disney World have short wait times. You can send off your kids to ride Tron or Guardians of the Galaxy if they have a queue pass. Those waits typically are less than an hour with that queue. You may, however, not want to wait the 90 minutes for Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride or Space Mountain. Teenagers are fine, but what about children around 10?

There is one ride at EPCOT that had a great solution to this, even if they didn't actually intend it to be used as such. Test Track is a great example of doing it right. There are other rides, too, such as Smuggler's Run at Hollywood Studios and Everest at Animal Kingdom, to name two.

Test Track is the one at EPCOT. It has a single rider line that practically takes you to the front of the line if you are smart enough to bypass the input devices to create your own vehicle and just ride the attraction. You can be in line from the front entrance to the ride in under 20 minutes.

Now that TT is getting a reimagining theme, we have to wonder if this is going to be something that will exist when it opens back up or if Disney will shut down the single-rider lane entirely. Will they reopen with a virtual queue that would eliminate the single-rider option?

Those are a few things that need to be answered when the ride opens again. Test Track will close on June 17th, and there is no timetable for an immediate opening after retheming.