The Haunted Mansion should have been back up at Magic Kingdom but it hasn't opened yet!

The Hatbox Ghost addition to the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kindgom in Disney World is still not complete and as a result, the ride is still closed.
Haunted Mansion - Courtesy Walt Disney
Haunted Mansion - Courtesy Walt Disney /

It was expected to open the morning of August 10th according to several reports but as of the time of this writing, the Haunted Mansion remains closed.

The refurbishment the ride wasn't supposed to be a bid deal. The Hatbox Ghost would be added to the corner of the long hallway where the candel holder floats in the air. The talking animatronic, a nod to the new Disney film by the same name should have been a relatively easy install.

Guests were greeted by Haunted Mansion cast members with the news that the ride was still down and it looks as though despite guests being told there was a chance of it opening later, that doesn't appear to be the actual case now.

Our own Matt Liebl talked a bit about the addition of the Hatbox Ghost and Disney released a short video of the ghost's return. You can see the Disney video here and Matt's article here on

It's hard to believe that the Hatbox Ghost disappeared more than 50 years ago after a very short stint at the mansion in Disneyland. One of the original characters at the Cali mansion, it has taken him this long to reappear but it seems that wait is going to be just a little bit longer. How much longer isn't exactly known but we should start to see the ghastly head-switching ghoul make his appearance sometime this coming week...unless the problems within are hauntingly behind schedule.