Walt Disney World deluxe resorts ranked worst to best

Mar 16, 2020; Bay Lake, Florida, USA;  A monorail leaves Disney's Contemporary Resort at Magic
Mar 16, 2020; Bay Lake, Florida, USA; A monorail leaves Disney's Contemporary Resort at Magic / Kim Klement-USA TODAY NETWORK
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When it comes to staying at Walt Disney World, the deluxe resorts are usually the way to go. Yes, they are the most expensive WDW locales, but Disney always makes them worth it via the unique extras. While Disney World is known for its theme parks, there's so much to do at these deluxe resorts that you can spend your entire vacation here without going to the parks once.

Some resorts do come off better than others in terms of theming, amenities, location, and more. A couple of WDW resorts are truly remarkable, but the location can weaken them, while others benefit from being closer to the parks. There’s also how a few are meant for members of the Disney Vacation Club than regular guests.

It’s a tricky topic to narrow down, but here’s how the various Walt Disney World deluxe resorts may rank, although keep in mind even a “poor” WDW deluxe resort is still better than most places anywhere on the planet. 

13. Old Key West

It seems odd that a hotel in Orlando is themed after another Florida spot, which is why Old Key West Resort is often ignored. It has its strengths, such as the architecture matching the Florida town, a pool area boasting a sand castle water slide, the ferry and the Community Hall that boasts ping-pong, shuffleboard, video games and more. 

Oddly, a big con against it is that it may be too large for guests with a lot of walking between areas. Guests at the outer edge have a hike to get to the Community Hall or bus stops. However, the rooms are nice and comfortable, Olivia’s is a fun restaurant, and the cost isn’t too much. Thus, while not the best of the deluxe spots, Old Key West is an underrated resort in the Disney pantheon.