Walt Disney World value resorts ranked worst to best

Surrounded by Flounder and friends, a larger-than-life Ariel overlooks "The Little Mermaid"
Surrounded by Flounder and friends, a larger-than-life Ariel overlooks "The Little Mermaid" /
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Walt Disney World’s value resorts are often the least talked-about among the WDW hotels. The reason is that they live up to their name as true value spots, the least expensive of all the Disney properties. The downside of that is that they’re not fancy at all, the only dining options are a food court and often the same layout in a couple of pools and smaller buildings.

The resorts are meant for two types of guests: those looking for a cheaper Disney vacation and/or those who plan to spend almost all their time in the parks. Thus, the value resorts serve as place to simply rest and sleep after a long day at the parks rather than a complete vacation experience. 

But Disney does its best to liven these up with unique theming and still the Disney magic. For a long time, they were lacking in transport, but the Skyliner allows much better access to the parks. Here’s how each Disney World value resort ranks to show they may not have the flash of the other Disney spots but still have some appeal for guests not wanting to spend too much on a trip. 

5. All-Star Sports

If you’re a sports fan, this resort can be fun with giant helmets, caps and other bits like a stairway designed after a canister of tennis balls. There are touches like a yard looking like a football field and a baseball-diamond pool. The rooms need an update and those giant decorations can be a bit of an eyesore.

It’s a double-edged sword when the place is used by cheerleading squads or sports tournaments, as it can be a lot busier and noisier than expected. The bus transport is also rougher, so while a good price, Sports stands as the weakest of the All-Star and value resorts.