Where to buy Disney Lorcana Trading Cards

Disney Lorcana is a brand new collectible trading card game featuring Disney characters, and it's all the rage right now. Where can you find these popular trading cards?

Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo Credit: Matthew Liebl
Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo Credit: Matthew Liebl /

Disney Lorcana, the popular collectible card game from Ravensburger, was released last month, but only recently hit major retailers this month. The full release led to widespread demand, and subsequently, the cards were sold out just about everywhere.

The premiere set, dubbed "The First Chapter," consists of 204 cards of all types of rarities. These can be collected through a combination of starter packs and booster packs.

Part of what makes Disney Lorcana so popular is the fact that it's a collectible trading card game, so naturally, collectors sense value in these cards. We've seen this with other card games like Magic: The Gathering and the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

There's also the fact that this card game features characters from Disney's most popular movies. So even if you aren't a card game player, if you're a Disney fan, you probably have interest in it.

So where can you buy Disney Lorcana trading cards?

Where to buy Disney Lorcana Trading Cards

Unfortunately, right now Disney Lorcana trading cards are pretty hard to come by. Unless you were early to the game and pre-ordered them, finding them in stores or online now is pretty much impossible. I've gotten lucky though by calling local hobby and comic book stores near me, but by now most are probably sold out as well.

Below are the following major retailers where you can find Disney Lorcana cards either online or in stores:

You'll notice most of the above links are sold out. I suggest checking daily as they may get more cards in stock.

In addition to the following major retailers, Disney Lorcana stores are also sold at many local hobby, comic book and trading card stores. The official Disney Lorcana website actually has a store locator where you can enter your address and the distance you're willing to travel. It'll show a bunch of stores that might have the cards in stock.

Your best bet is to call ahead so you don't waste your time driving only to be disappointed that they are sold out. I was able to find two of the starter packs at a hobby store near me while everyone else was sold out.

When buying Disney Lorcana cards, make sure you're also aware of possible price gouging. With such high demand and low supply, scalpers are looking to capitalize by charging double, sometimes triple the normal price.