3 EPCOT World Showcase Pavilions Disney needs to refurbish

The EPCOT transformation is officially over, but when the time comes to splash money in World Showcase, these three pavilions should be at the top.
Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot
Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot / Anadolu/GettyImages

For the time being, EPCOT will be without construction walls. With new additions like Journey of Water inspired by Moana, a revamped World Celebration which includes a new Mickey and Friends meet and greet area, and Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind, the park is considered "finished" for now.

Since the front of the park is done, it's time Disney starts to look at World Showcase. 11 countries ranging from America to Mexico and Italy call this part of EPCOT home. It's a fascinating learning opportunity for kids and adults to experience different cultures from many walks of life.

We've started seeing changes in World Showcase, including recently in Mexico. The San Angel Inn Restaurant which is tucked inside the pyramid, has changed up its seating arrangement.

From AllEars, you can see the changes. They went from a cramped environment to a bit more room to eat some tacos and drink your margarita.

This is just one change which will lead to a better World Showcase, but three other pavilions need attention and I'll begin with Morocco.


Yes, this pavilion has seen lots of changes within the last year. There is now an Annual Passholder lounge with a Genie meet and greet. But this used to be the most authentic country around the lagoon.

Morocco had one of the best fun facts regarding being the most authentic. If there was a pavilion were you actually wanted to experience the culture, this was it. From the history of Morocco making sure things were done right, to the clothes and food, this pavilion was truly a hidden gem.

Now with the addition of an AP lounge, there isn't much left for the casual guest. Sure, you can still get some food and meet Princess Jasmine, but dealing with Annual Passholder guests as they march by to their private lounge, takes away from Morocco.

There are a lot of places in EPCOT where Disney could've put an AP lounge, including the new Communicore Hall, so in the future if they decide to focus on World Showcase, Morocco needs to get back to its roots.

United Kingdom

During one of their many announcements over the years, there were talks about Disney adding a Mary Poppins attraction in the United Kingdom pavilion. This has either fallen through or won't be a thing until much later in life but there was hope the UK could see a revamp.

Guests love the UK pavilion. They have a wide range of stores, like Toy Solider which includes a Winnie the Pooh meet and greet in Christopher Robin's room behind Kidcot, a sports section with some jerseys with Scotland and England, tea and perfume. During Flower and Garden festival they also host a tea tour.

This pavilion also has red telephone booths and washrooms. (Trust me, these are actually huge draws!)

A way to enhance the experience would be to add an attraction. With only three rides in World Showcase, there's a desire for more things to do with kids. When families are on vacation the last thing a child wants to do is learn. Plus rides are a great way to relax (once you're on it) and take your mind off the stress of the day.

Disney doesn't need to make it Mary Poppins-themed either. 101 Dalmatians has a London backdrop, Brave is a Scottish-themed story and could build on Merida within the parks, and though she meets in the UK Alice in Wonderland would draw a nice crowd for an attraction.

It's a great pavilion but refurbing the stores and costumes could add to the experience.


It's the country everyone loves to sing about but always walks past, Canada.

With only one store stretched out between three locations, there isn't much happening in this pavilion. Though one of the most photographed areas of the park, there seems to be less appeal with this woody vibe.

Let's begin with the costumes. Basic black shorts, a red and black plaid maple leaf shirt for the men, and a white shirt with the same plaid design for the skirts. It could be paired with a brown tasseled vest at times, depending on the weather. No, this is not what Canadians normally wear. This was not even the case during the period Disney wanted the pavilion to be. Sure, it's nice to have shorts in 99-degree weather, but the shirt and vest don't represent the country at all.

Alternatives could be basketball jerseys, as the sport was invented by a Canadian. Hockey jerseys in the winter could have a Team Canada style to it. Or throw it back to the lumberjack costumes Canadian cast members once wore.

Canada is also in desperate need of a ride. Whether a log flume over the waterfall like Tiana's Bayou Adventure, or a 3-D point of view "skating" across the country. There needs to be something guests want to do.

Nothing is happening in the Chateau or the Anne of Green Gables-style buildings at the top. Plus the pavilion is not wheelchair-accessible as a whole. If you go up, you have to come down to go see the show. It's a pain.

It seems like Disney is starting to focus on the Canada pavilion a bit with new floors recently done, but that isn't improving the guest experience. Rides and an overhaul of the storyline will bring life back to Canada.

What additions to the World Showcase would you like to see?