6 big takeaways from the new Doctor Who Series 14 trailer

The first trailer for the new season of Doctor Who is here and here's the notable bits about the Doctor's first adventures on Disney+!
Ncuti Gatwa Lights Up The London Eye For "Doctor Who"
Ncuti Gatwa Lights Up The London Eye For "Doctor Who" / Kate Green/GettyImages

The Doctor is in, and he looks like he'll be a delight in the first full trailer for the new season of Doctor Who, coming to Disney+!

It's an exciting time for fans of the iconic British sci-fi series. It just hit its 60th anniversary with a series of specials that had David Tennant briefly returning to the role of the time-traveling alien who gets into wild escapades across time and space.

The specials culminated with the Doctor doing a "bi-generation" that split off into the new 15th Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa. This led to the Christmas special with Millie Gibson joining as the Doctor's new companion, Ruby Sunday. That special hinted at some secrets to Ruby's past that are likely to come up in the trailer. So, what other madness can we expect?

1. Ruby gets off on the wrong foot

Like many past companions, Ruby wants to get a wild start on the time travel so the Doctor takes her to prehistoric Earth. This leads to the classic "step on a butterfly" scenario with Ruby briefly transforming into a lizard-like creature. Looks like the Doctor has to fix time right off the bat. 

2. The time periods are wild

As usual, the series will utilize a wide range of time periods, past and future, in unique ways. We get glimpses of the groovy 1960s, where the Doctor meets the Beatles, the Regency era in England, war-torn futures, and more.

We also get glimpses of some of the big-name guest stars, like Indira Varma as The Duchess and a villain played by Jinkx Monsoon in what could be the show's first-ever musical episode. Ruby is heard moaning, "Oh my Bridgerton," at one moment to showcase the great range of time periods.

3. The Disney budget is in full effect 

Some Doctor Who fans were wary of the BBC production working with Disney. However, a benefit is that the larger budget is already at work. There's the great new TARDIS, some fantastic special effects and the time periods looking lavish. The show looks better than ever, and finally, the budget equals the imagination of the writers and does justice to the Doctor's adventures. 

4. We're not getting a standard Doctor

As the first Black actor in the role, Gatwa already differs from other Doctors. However, he also has a new spark to the part, even some wicked flirting at times. Notably, his outfit is constantly changing. Most Doctors have one specific outfit that almost becomes a regular uniform (Matt Smith's bow ties, Tom Baker's scarf, Jodie Whitaker's suspenders).

This 15th Doctor is shown in a different outfit in almost every shot, from a fun 1960s suit to regular jeans, a leather jacket, and other looks. It's a unique touch for the character and shows this Doctor isn't going to be tied down to a single costume to make him more unpredictable. 

5. Some old faces return 

So far, there are no glimpses of the Daleks, but it's hard to imagine a Doctor Who season without the Doctor clashing with his old murderous robotic enemies. We do get glimpses of Jemma Redgrave as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, head of UNIT, the group that protects Earth from aliens, and Bonnie Langford as past companion Mel. There's also Anita Dobson as Ruby's neighbor, Mrs. Flood, who already knows about the TARDIS and likely plays a part in this season. 

6. Ruby's mystery is the focus

Fans were surprised at the news that Gibson would be leaving the show after just one season, with Varada Sethu then joining. The trailer hints this is part of the storyline, with a focus on Ruby's mysterious past and openly declaring, "I'm here to help save the world." It's logical that her secret is a big part of the adventures and what this means for the Doctor will be intriguing. Fans will no doubt speculate more about Ruby and make watching the show a big deal.

So between the new Doctor, the great settings, fantastic adventures and more, Doctor Who looks to be set for a great blast when it lands on its new home at Disney+, just in time for a new year.

Doctor Who Series 14 premieres Friday, May 10 on Disney+.