Are we getting a Super Bowl trailer for Inside Out 2 today?

Inside Out 2, Disney
Inside Out 2, Disney /

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sports days celebrated in America. But for those not necessarily interested in football, the game offers other avenues of enjoyment.

Another reason to tune into the game is the advertisements. I know we live in a day and age where ads are the devil, but the Super Bowl is one of the last remaining relics of a dying age.

It's the one day of the year where Americans tolerate ads because usually it's when companies put in the most amount of effort.

Regardless of whether you care about the outcome of the game or not, you can count on dozens of movie trailers to be shown during the commercials. There have been reports of numerous studios doling out big bucks to get the trailers for their blockbuster movies in front of millions of eyes.

There are reports that Marvel Studios' Deadpool 3 will finally debut its reveal trailer today, but Disney has other big movies also set to release this year that could get trailers. One of the company's other highly anticipated films coming this year is Inside Out 2. Will we see a trailer for it?

Is Inside Out 2 getting a Super Bowl trailer?

It hasn't been confirmed, but Inside Out 2 is one of the potential Super Bowl movie spots we may see. Disney actually shared the first teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel back in November.

The teaser did enough to drum up hype for the movie, including introducing us to a brand new emotion: Anxiety. But now we could get a proper full-length trailer that offers a deeper look into the emotions of Riley, now a teenager.

The Super Bowl seems like a perfect spot for Disney to release a trailer for Inside Out 2. With an even more diverse audience expected to tune into today's game thanks to the Taylor Swift effect, the target audience for Inside Out 2 will likely be watching.

That said, Disney already released a brief TV spot for the movie earlier this week. A couple of days ago, Pixar posted the "Team" trailer for Inside Out 2.

It focused on the emotions reacting to Riley's hockey game. While not necessarily football, the sports feel was a perfect fit for the Big Game. It's possible that Disney uses this as a TV spot and we don't necessarily get a new full-length trailer.

In any case, you can tune into Super Bowl LVIII today. Kickoff is 6:30 p.m. ET so coverage should begin prior to that with the chance of seeing a trailer for Inside Out 2, Deadpool 3 and more.