Disney Lorcana reprint will also include Rise of the Floodborn

Ravensburger has confirmed that the upcoming reprint of Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter will also include the second set, Rise of the Floodborn. The reprint is also coming sooner than we thought!
Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game - Gaston
Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game - Gaston /

Disney Lorcana has been a massive hit, but limited supply has hampered the ability for many to enjoy the latest collectible trading card game from Ravensburger. Shortly after the game hit retailers, Ravensburger confirmed plans for a reprint of the first set, The First Chapter, which has been in high demand and short supply. That reprint wasn't expected to arrive until Q1 2024.

However, in a new statement to Comicbook.com, Ravensburger has now confirmed that the reprint is expected to be available by Holiday 2023 in North America and January 2024 in Europe.

Furthermore, Ravensburger also confirmed that the reprint will also include the newly announced second set, Rise of the Floodborn. This likely means that the second set will also be in limited supply when it arrives in November, at least until the reprint arrives a couple of weeks later.

Rise of the Floodborn, the official second set of cards for Disney Lorcana, is set to release at local game stores on November 17. A wider release at big box retailers will follow on December 1st. The new set will add 200-plus more cards to the game, including fan-favorites Winnie the Pooh and Tiana.

Ravensburger couldn't discuss exact quantities of supply, but did reinforce that their goal "has always been to get as much product into the hands of fans as possible."

The First Chapter has been nearly impossible to find at retailers — local game stores and big box retailers alike — but hopefully, these reprints will help alleviate the shortage. Ravensburger confirmed that the reprint will contain both starter decks and booster packs.

We don't know how the reprint supply will be allocated between game stores and mass retailers, but Ravensburger did state that supporting Independent Hobby retailers is "our number one priority."

When Rise of the Floodborn does arrive, it will introduce two new starter Decks: Amber/Sapphire and Amethyst Steel.