Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter reprint is set to arrive in November

Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo Credit: Matthew Liebl
Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo Credit: Matthew Liebl /

With additional booster packs for Disney Lorcana's first set, The First Chapter, hitting local game stores this week, many are hoping they'll finally be able to get their hands on Ravensburger's collectible trading card game. Should you be unable to find any cards, hope is not all lost.

The previously announced reprint is coming soon! Ravensburger announced that reprints of Th First Chapter starter packs and booster packs will hit local game stores in mid-November. Whereas this latest drop is just booster packs, the reprints will also consist of the three starter decks: Ruby/Emerald, Amber/Amethyst and Sapphire/Steel.

Each deck contains everything you need to start playing the game: a set of 60 predetermined cards offering a distinct play style, 2 foil cards of the characters on the package front, 11 tokens, a rulebook and a booster pack.

The reprint won't only feature cards from The First Chapter though; it will also feature cards from the second set, Rise of the Floodborn. Technically, Rise of the Floodborn won't be released at local card and hobby stores until November 17, so it's possible that it's launch will simply feature the reprints already mixed in. If anything, there will hopefully just be more product available at launch.

If you're waiting to buy Rise of the Floodborn cards at big box retailers like Walmart, Target and Best Buy, they'll start arriving on December 1st.

Ravensburger confirmed that the reprints won't have any special designation, meaning their release won't increase the value of the initial batch of cards that was first run. Many collectors were hoping the reprints would have some sort of marking so that the original print of cards could be considered rare and, therefore, more valuable. It turns out that Ravensburger is more concerned with simply getting as many cards out as possible to ensure that those who want to play can do so at an affordable price.