Hatbox Ghost won't be ready at Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion until well after Halloween

Disney announced when the Hatbox Ghost will make his Haunted Mansion appearance at Magic Kingdom and tried to justify his odd placement on the attraction
Disney World The Haunted Mansion. Photo taken by Matthew Liebl
Disney World The Haunted Mansion. Photo taken by Matthew Liebl /

When you think of Halloween, odds are you think of Haunted Mansion as being the must-ride attraction at Disney World. While the attraction on its own is perfect for the occasion, fans were especially excited for the debut of The Hatbox Ghost.

While October would have been the perfect time for the ghostly spirit, he unfortunately won't be making his debut at Magic Kingdom until well after spooky season.

During Destination D23 this morning, it was confirmed that the Hatbox Ghost will come to the Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom in "late November." It's unfortunate timing as October would've been perfect for his debut, but alas, this is Disney and we're used to renovations taking a long time.

Disney first announced that the Hatbox Ghost would be coming to Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion back in 2022. In July, Disney shared more details about the addition, confirming that the Hatbox Ghost will appear to guests as they pass the Endless Hallway.

This resulted in plenty of confusion and a bit of pushback as many were quick to point out that his placement on the attraction didn't make sense with the ride's story. The Endless Hallway scene occurs before the Madam Leota séance scene in which she recites an incantation that allows the ghosts to materialize before our eyes.

Disney briefly addressed this during the panel and tried to justify his placement with a bit of made-up backstory that, quite frankly, still doesn't make much sense.

It was explained that the Hatbox Ghost is not the 1,000th Happy Haunt. Because he was briefly in the Haunted Mansion, he's not necessarily a new addition, but rather a returning spirit.

As for this placement and why we can see him before the incantation, Disney simply stated that because he is not a "Happy Haunt," he can materialize whenever and wherever he wants.