How to play Disney Lorcana on PC and mobile devices

Want to play a digital game version of Disney Lorcana? Check out Pixelborn on PC and mobile devices!

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game - Raya
Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game - Raya /

Disney Lorcana is one of the biggest new collectible trading card games. Although supply issues early on made it hard for those interested in the game to buy cards, the recent reprint and release of Set 2, Rise of the Floodborn, have certainly helped.

The competitive and tournament scene for Disney Lorcana is just starting but if you're not quite comfortable playing against other people in person, or just want to play casually and have no one to play with at home, there's another option for you. Disney Lorcana is available on PC and mobile devices!

Pixelborn is a fan-made version of Disney Lorcana that's completely free to play. Although still a work in progress, it does feature all of the cards and mechanics from the physical card game. It's the perfect way to enjoy the game without needing the physical cards or someone close by to play with.

So how can you get Pixelborn?

How to play Pixelborn (Disney Lorcana) on PC or Mac

If you want to play Pixelborn on PC, simply head to the website and download the client. It's available to play on both PC and Mac.

Depending on your platform, you'll download the game client zip folder. Because there's no traditional installer, you'll need to re-download the new zip file every time there is a new version released. Once you download the folder, extract the contents and you can launch the game.

How to play Pixelborn (Disney Lorcana) on iOS

Pixelborn just launched on iOS. It's also free on mobile devices, but to play you need to go through Apple's TestFlight. This is a free app that lets you play games that are currently in beta.

It should be noted that Pixelborn is not an official game from Ravensburger or Disney. It's not affiliated with either of the companies in any way, which means there's always the possibility it could get shut down in the future. For now, though, it's a great way to enjoy the mechanics of Disney Lorcana and explore with different deck variations.