New Haunted Mansion trading cards revealed for Magic Key holders

Check out the new Haunted Mansion collectible trading cards that will be available for Disneyland Magic Key holders during the month of September. Gotta collect them all!
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Van Eaton Galleries "The Story Of Disneyland" Collection Exhibit And Auction / Tibrina Hobson/GettyImages

A new Magic Key perk is materializing in Disneyland next month in the form of Haunted Mansion-themed collectible trading cards.

The official Instagram account for Disneyland's Magic Key program revealed the brand new cards that will be available to collect during the month of September.

A total of four collectible trading cards will be released in September. Each card will feature one of the iconic characters from the Haunted Mansion attraction as well as the Cast Member who brought them to "ghost life."

One side of the card is a holographic image that changes from the attraction character to the Cast Member. As you can see in the video below, the card transforms from Madame Leota to Eleanor Audley, who voiced the character. On the back of each card is a description of each character.

The cards will be available to pick up from September 4 through September 28, Mondays through Thursdays only. A new card will be released each week. Magic Key holders can pick them up at Disneyana at Disneyland Park.

As a Walt Disney World annual passholder, I am extremely jealous of this. For starters, I'm already a sucker for all things Haunted Mansion. Now you put it on a collectible trading card? Talk about major fomo.

This is the second major Haunted Mansion-related announcement Disney has made this week. Just yesterday, days ahead of D23, the Disney Parks blog revealed a major expansion coming to the Haunted Mansion area of Disneyland.

Starting in 2024, work will begin on an expanded queue area for the attraction that will provide immersive theming and additional backstory. There's also a new retail shop opening up which will look like the old carriage house belonging to Leota.

So many exciting new Haunted Mansion things getting announced and we're not even in October yet!