This Disney Lorcana card is currently valued at over $800

For those collecting Disney Lorcana cards, this is currently the most valuable card in The First Chapter — selling for nearly $800.

Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game - Set 2 Rise of the Floodborn
Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game - Set 2 Rise of the Floodborn /

Disney Lorcana has been available for a few weeks and like most trading card games there are two ways to enjoy it; playing the actual game or collecting the cards. There are multiple reasons why someone would want to collect the cards; some like to do it because they enjoy the artwork while others are hoping to strike it rich.

If you've followed the Pokemon TCG, you probably know that some of these cards can sell for a pretty penny. Some collectors are hoping Disney Lorcana cards can achieve this same level of value.

It may take a while to get there as the game just launched a few weeks ago, but we're already starting to see some cards sell for hundreds of dollars. So what are the most valuable cards right now?

Looking at, the most valuable cards are the special Promo ones released at events like D23. The Mickey Mouse - Brave Little Tailor, which was available at D23 Expo, has listings for over $1,500. In fact, many of these D23 promo cards have a market price of well over $1,000.

This most valuable card in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter lists for over $800

While these promo cards are the most valuable by far, they are incredibly rare. You can't find these in booster packs, so collecting them is a bit more difficult.

If you're simply opening booster packs and such, then the next best value you'd find for a card in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter could net you over $800. This is the Enchanted version of Elsa.

The Enchanted Elsa - Spirit of Winter (207/204) is currently the most valuable card in The First Chapter. A near mint holofoil most recently sold for $799.95, but a sale topped $800 just a few days ago. The current low listing for a near-mint version of this card is $819.

Like other Enchanted cards, the Elsa Spirit of Winter features alternate artwork and comes in an "Inkwash Foil," which is a colorful textured rainbow foil.

There are only 12 unique Enchanted cards in The First Chapter, and these are extremely rare to come by. We don't have exact drop rates, but it's estimated that you will find one Enchanted card in 72 booster packs.

It's unclear if Disney Lorcana cards will ever reach the insane value of Pokemon cards, but $800 for a single card isn't too shabby. It will be interesting to see how these values fluctuate as Ravensburger plans to release additional boosters in October, followed by a reprint of The First Chapter in Holiday 2023. There's also the upcoming release of the second set, Rise of the Floodborn, in November.