Walls go up again in this World Showcase pavilion with a potential DVC lounge coming

Disney's EPCOT World Showcase is getting another facelift
The construction at the Canadian Pavilion has completed. Image courtesy Brian Miller
The construction at the Canadian Pavilion has completed. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

Months after the construction completed at EPCOT's Canadian Pavilion in World Showcase, walls are now up again as more work is being done at the pavilion.

Canada Day is just around the corner but that wasn't enough to convince Disney to hold off on the work until after July 2nd. It isn't clear what will be done but the gift shop was closed recently do to a problem with mice. These new walls are likely not related but you never know.

There is also a rumor going around that a new DVC, Disney Vacation Club, lounge will be made available to owners. The rumors have the new lounge going in above Canada's restaurant, Les Cellier in the chateau.

Currently, annual pass holders can enjoy a lounge in the back of the Morocco Pavilion, and fans still are not happy with that taking up space behind what was once the most authentic pavilion in all of World Showcase. Disney hasn't made many comments on whether this would be a temporary or permanent location. During some festivals, the AP lounge has moved around. Last year, it was located inside the Living Land pavilion near the counter service restaurant on the lower floor. That lounge was more or less a blocked-off area of seating.

Disney continues to try and find areas to give their APs and DVC members special locations. At Magic Kingdom, a new DVC lounge is expected to sit in the now closed Shootin Gallery. The original Magic Kingdom attraction closed permanently on the 23rd of June.