Amazon reopens virtual queue for Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands

Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands products. Image credit: Zebra Partners
Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands products. Image credit: Zebra Partners /

ofWe're just a little over a week until the mass retail release for Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands, and once again Amazon is taking necessary precautions to ensure a smooth launch.

The online retail giant has once again opened up its virtual queue, giving everyone a chance to secure their spot in line to purchase the latest expansion set. While some items can be pre-ordered right now, others are invite-only.

Right now, Disney Lorcana fans can pre-order either of the two starter decks for $16.99 each. The items officially release on March 8, 2024, but you can pre-order the Ruby & Sapphire or Amber & Emerald decks right now.

Meanwhile, third-party sellers already have the Booster Packs available for purchase. Unlike the previous two sets, it seems smaller game and hobby retailers are no longer price gouging and instead selling products at or lower than MSRP. On Amazon, you can get a Booster Pack Bundle, which includes 24 booster packs, for $139.84.

However, there are two Into the Inklands items on Amazon to which you must request an invitation: the Trove and the Gift Set.

The Trove, in particular, always seems to be in high demand, in part, because it includes a card storage box, card dividers and booster packs. It's more of a collector's item, which explains why Amazon has gated it behind the virtual queue. The Into the Inklands Trove sells for $49.99

The Gift Set is also a hot commodity but it always seems like there are more of these available than the Trove. The Gift Set sells for $29.99 and includes two oversized foil cards, two playable foil cards, and four Booster packs along with a few other game items.

Both items are considered by Amazon to be "high-demand with limited quantities. Because they aren't able to grant all requests, they've put them behind the virtual queue to ensure that as many "genuine" customers as possible can buy them.

If you're invited to purchase, you'll receive an email when the item is available. The email will contain a link that's valid for 72 hours to make your purchase.

If you are unable to get an invite to purchase from Amazon, other mass retailers will also be carrying Into the Inklands, including ShopDisney, Target, Best Buy and Walmart.