Disney Lorcana TCG: Storyborn, Dreamborn and Floodborn explained

Every card in Disney Lorcana has one of three classifications — Storyborn, Dreamborn or Floodborn — which tell us the origin of the character. But what do each of these mean exactly?
Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo Credit: Matthew Liebl
Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo Credit: Matthew Liebl /

The newly released Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game by Ravensburger has become an overnight sensation, selling out the second the cards hit store shelves. At its most basic level, it's a collectible card game in which you create a deck of Disney-inspired cards to compete against an opponent.

But there's actually a ton of lore that serves as the basis of Disney Lorcana's mechanics. The game transports players to the wondrous realm of Lorcana, where players become "Illumineers" and wield magical inks to summon "glimmers."

Glimmers are snapshots of Disney characters and they come in three forms: Storyborn, Dreamborn and Floodborn. Each of these forms alter the backstory, appearance and sometimes powers of the character, resulting in your favorite Disney characters appearing in both familiar ways and as you've never seen them before.

So what exactly does it mean for a character to be a Storyborn, Dreamborn or Floodborn?

Disney Lorcana: What is a Storyborn glimer (character)?

A Storyborn glimmer in Lorcana is a Disney character that has been recreated in the exact form as they appeared in their original Disney animation or franchise. They look and act identical to how they originally appeared.

What is a Dreamborn glimmer (character)?

A Dreamborn glimmer is a an alternate version of a Disney character, created by the imagionations of Illumineers. This is basically a "What If" version of a Disney character, reimagined in various ways from how we originally saw them in a Disney movie. A Dreamborn may have a slightly different backstory, appearance or personality/power than their original counterpart.

What is a Floodborn glimmer (character)?

If you've been following Lorcana news, then you are already aware that Set 2, titled "Rise of the Floodborn," is very much centered around this type of glimmer. Not much is known about Floodborn, except that these glimmers are created by Lorcana itself.

According to the Set 2 description, "The six magical inks... were released in a mixed-up chatoci form, resulting in a mysteriou sflood which damaged the Great Illuminary."

Floodborn are powerful versions of Storyborn or Dreamborn glimmers who were transformed when they encountered the mixed ink. Floodborn characters revealed thus far have a "Shift" ability, which is basically a high ink cost special power.