Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter is returning to shopDisney this month

shopDisney has announced the return of The First Chapter, the first set of cards for Disney Lorcana, with availability beginning on December 22nd.
Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo Credit: Matthew Liebl
Disney Lorcana TCG. Photo Credit: Matthew Liebl /

When Disney Lorcana was released back in September, nobody could've predicted it would have exploded in popularity the way it did. Even game creator Ravensburger was taken aback by just how popular the game had become.

Upon release, the game's first set of cards, The First Chapter, were sold out everywhere. Scalpers and secondhand sellers took advantage of the game's popularity by relisting cards and products for double, sometimes triple the MSRP.

Ravensburger acknowledged they were caught by surprise and promised to increase the supply to meet demand. They promised a restock in October followed by a complete reprint of The First Chapter in time for the holiday season.

It took a while, but cards from the first set are finally starting to show up both online and at physical retailers. The arrival of the reprint comes alongside the release of Disney Lorcana's second set, Rise of the Floodborn.

Like the first set, the release of Rise of the Floodborn has been a mess. Supply simply can't put up with demand. ShopDisney sold out of Rise of the Floodborn product in less than an hour. And while there's no word on when, or if, they'll be getting any more cards from Set 2, shopDisney has announced a new batch of The First Chapter products are returning to the online store.

As noted on the shopDisney website, Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter will return on Friday, December 22. Because of shipping, it's unlikely anything you order will arrive in time for the holidays, but the fact you'll have a chance to buy any cards at all is a gift in and of itself.

Details haven't been announced, but we can assume the sale will operate similarly to how Rise of the Floodborn's launch went. Expect the sale of The First Chapter to go live at 12:00 a.m. PST / 3:00 a.m. EST, and expect any products to sell out quickly. We don't know exactly how much supply they'll have, but you'll want to make sure you're ready to go when the cards become available. There's no telling how long they'll be in stock.

We also don't know which products from The First Chapter will return. It could be the highly coveted Troves, or simply Starter Decks and Booster Packs.

In any case, mark your calendars. December 22, Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter returns on shopDisney. In other news, Ravensburger also announced Set 3, Into the Inklands, arriving in early 2024.